In the midst of a pandemic, with fear and uncertainty raging, we put even greater value on reliable, professional and on-demand healthcare. So we've partnered with Sollis Health, the leading members-only, medical concierge service with 24/7 centers on the Upper East Side, in Tribeca and Beverly Hills, to offer special access to their services for our patrons in Los Angeles and New York. The team at Sollis Health share the experience with us below.


Our healthcare system is broken - the pandemic has proven it. 

Besides the constant concern of equipment shortage, the medical system is rife with outdated misunderstandings, elongated wait times, bureaucracy and gross negligence. Women, in particular, fall victim to institutional biases with dismissals of chronic pain and dim prognoses in gynecology. If you are in urgent need of immediate care, you are guaranteed to have an experience that is at best impersonal, confusing, inefficient, and expensive. At worst, it’s downright frightening and even dangerous. 

Private medical concierge services like Sollis Health offer a luxury alternative to the status quo, bringing emergency care services to their health suites in NYC and LA. Conveniently located on the Upper East Side and in TriBeCa and Beverly Hills, patients are dotifully waited upon and offered amenities unheard of in a traditional ER setting, which are equipped with advanced diagnostic imaging capabilities (X-Ray, MRI, CT etc.) and labs on-site. Treatment is tailored to individual patients by thorough and collaborative practitioners who can serve them at their convenience -- in a private suite at the clinic or even at home via a robust house-call service, with no appointments necessary. 



The doctor waits for you: 

At Sollis Health, there are no wait times - each patient is received immediately upon arrival in a private suite and tended to by a practitioner on-call, with no appointment necessary. This glares in contrast with typical ER’s where wait times average at five hours. The speed of service and guaranteed discretion has made Sollis a favorite amongst Hollywood elite and New York City/Hamptons clientele. Sollis was co-founded by Dr. Bernard Kruger, a highly respected pioneer of concierge medicine, referred to as “a family doctor to the stars.” 


Care to-go at your convenience:

You can’t predict your next emergency, and in the midst of a contagious pandemic, it is advisable to maintain social distancing. Sollis understands this, and offers members the opportunity to arrange for house-calls at any hour of the day that they may need it. House-call teams are staffed with haz-mat clad emergency ER physicians and equipped with portable equipment including X-rays and oxygen, to get you the support you need in the environment you are most comfortable - your home. Perhaps you cut yourself making dinner - Sollis can come admister sutures, or maybe you need an IV-infusion for breakfast on New Year’s day - dial Sollis. 


The luxury touches:

White-collar syndrome notoriously exacerbates patient anxiety in clinical environments. Sollis seeks to transform this experience into a therapeutic one, welcoming patients into a relaxing environment with amenities such Netflix on screens and a menu of refreshments that includes kombucha on-tap, Nespresso coffee, organic coconut water, and S. Pellegrino. All this is set against the backdrop of original works from artists like Chuck Close. Instead of rags like US Weekly, members can thumb through copies of the Harvard Business Review and The New Yorker, or bring home a free stuffed animal for their child. 



Sollis was founded on the principle of providing each patient with exceptional personalised service. This includes a close study of the patient’s medical history as well as collaboration with the patients current or former practitioners. And when you need care beyond Sollis, they have VIP relationships with the leading specialists and hospitals in New York and Los Angeles, and can facilitate immediate care from the absolute best- bespoke services and individual care that is responsive to all needs. 



Sollis Health isn’t just for emergencies and can be used for general care. Whether you simply wake up feeling unwell or need an extra boost of vitamins, immediate telesupport is a call away. If you need a refill before a flight, Sollis can arrange it, and if perhaps you experience an emergency overseas, Sollis will find you the best care as you travel. 


Whenever you need it; wherever you go: 

Sollis Health boasts an extremely large medical network of top specialists and physicians - not only in the United States, but also around the world. So when you travel, Sollis has you covered. A 21-year-old Sollis patient passed out, but not in NYC— on holiday in Madrid. Sollis got her an ambulance immediately, coordinated her care at a local hospital, and found two private doctors in Spain for follow-up. What could have been an international nightmare turned out to be first-class care—and a huge relief for her family. 


Who knew that the final frontier in luxury would not be something material but rather a different m-word… medicinal. As in, an elite ER like Sollis Health. It makes sense, though. If luxury means having the finest things at your fingertips, then why not the finest medical care too? And since the other big part of luxury is speed and discretion —and most ER visits now stretching to five hours in New York in crowded rooms (with specialists booking weeks or months in advance) being seen on the spot, uptown or downtown, is indulgent indeed.

The Offer
ONDA members will have the unique opportunity to temporarily access a Sollis health center for their 
Covid-19 PCR testing needs with guaranteed rapid result turnaround times of 48 hours or less. Applicable regions include:
● New York City, Long Island and the Hamptons with the addition of Los Angeles on the West Coast
(house calls are available for $2,000, which includes 4 tests)
● Westchester as well as areas of Connecticut and New Jersey (house calls are available for $2,500,
which includes 4 tests)
● Additional tests during your house call are accessible for a tiered fee of $250
● If antibody testing is desired we are happy to accommodate for a fee of $150 

Visits to a Sollis Health center are available for a $500 temporary access fee per person, which includes one test.
● If antibody testing is desired we are happy to accommodate for a fee of $150

Sollis Health are also offering a special 20% reduction on an annual membership for the first year, including priority access. Get in touch with to find out more.


by Venetia

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