Two contrasting revelations have arisen as a result of this year in lockdown; first, our insatiable desire for over consumption and second, our ability to live for many months without many of our favoured consumer products. Our patron and founder of Point Off View, Marina Testino, shares her insights on navigating this new world with a more conscious and meaningful approach.


What have you been working on during lockdown?

Being under lockdown has changed our perspective and way of doing things in general. One project that grew out of quarantine was my campaign #SustainableFridays, where every Friday I shared a selection of sustainable brands so people could switch their products towards more eco friendly but also to support local companies. I wanted to give visibility to these brands without the shipping of products ( by using their original content to promote their brand), as I realised the amount of products that get shipped and gifted to content creators contributing not only to excessive carbon emissions but also over-consumption of products.

Another campaign I did during Quarantine was #TheGreenRooms on how to make every room of your house greener: from the kitchen to the bathroom.


How has your upbringing influenced your approach to fashion?

I lived in New York, Paris, Barcelona & London and traveled to Peru every Christmas so it was a mixture of cultures, colors and languages that taught me how to view the world in different perspectives without judgement.


The term sustainability has been adopted by many brands in a rush to be seen as green and worthy. How can we tell the authentic from the greenwashing?

It’s easy to market a brand as green or eco-friendly which is why it’s important to do a little research before buying, after all, you’re spending your money so you might as well take a few minutes to investigate the sustainability efforts of a brand. There already are some platforms that provide you with a big database of brands and score them on different aspects such as Good On You Eco.


What advice would you give for someone finding this shift in habit quite daunting?

Creating new habits is always challenging. I would recommend starting small and adding more and bigger changes gradually. Inserting little changes in your life will show you that it doesn’t change the quality or practicality of your life at all, making it easier to keep implementing sustainable habits throughout your actions.


How do you see the world's consumer habits changing following the pandemic, if at all?

During the pandemic online shopping grew massively, e-commerce. We have seen an exponential growth which translates to an increase in shipping and logistics. I believe that it is important to highlight the difference it makes to shop locally, to go around your city and neighbourhood and shop km0, independent brands as not only does it push local economies, which is of extreme importance right now, but it’s a more planet-friendly.

What first inspired you to take action and raise awareness for the importance of conscious consumption?

Seeing images of the oceans filled in plastic in Indonesia and also when I was little in Tulum, we had a house and would rescue little turtle eggs with a natural reserve rescue team and wait for them to hatch and then release them in the ocean at night. Turtles have been very affected by plastic pollution and this childhood memory inspires me to keep pushing my message for a better future for the planet.


Do you have a daily mantra for starting off your day?

Every day I try to push myself to find new ways in which I can learn about a new problem and see in what way can I showcase and teach other people about that problem. So I guess my daily mantra is to stay curious and to think outside of the box and find fun, easy solutions for sustainable living that I can share for a better future.



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