The rise in natural skincare brands comes hand-in-hand with a greater awareness of the positive effects of unprocessed, non-synthetic ingredients on our bodies. The traditional skincare rules are being rewritten, with a resounding ethos for keeping things simple and kind, on our skin and on the planet. While many brands are cottoning on to this rhetoric, Novel Skincare have invented a new story, with the belief that sustainable products shouldn't be exclusive or generalised.  Founder, Nneka Fleming, shares her insight on wellbeing, both for your skin and your mind.



Do you have a ritual when it comes to mental wellbeing?

If something is weighing heavy on my mind I try to sit back and imagine it getting lighter. I watch it float up and away from me just far enough that I can see what is bothering me clearly. If I feel stressed or tired, I imagine my body getting lighter, just an inch off the ground and it relaxes me.

If Novel was a person giving wellbeing advice, what would they say?

Novel would say: Sit back and think of your life as a story and you are holding it like a book in your hands. Now read it. Read what has happened so far. Each year or each significant event is the start of a new chapter. It doesn’t have to be in chronological order some of the best stories start at the end. It doesn’t have to be exciting some of the most powerful stories are simple and repetitive. You own this story. Now write the chapters that are missing.


Novel skincare is wholly organic and natural. Why do you consider this important, and how does this align with your view on wellbeing?

We use natural ingredients because you can tell your story better when you understand what’s in it. Some associate nature with being slow, everything has its season, it can’t be rushed. Others associate nature with the wild, untamed and unknown. The power of nature is undeniable. We call our products Chapters, a blend of words and natural ingredients because of nature’s vast meaning and powerful effects. This makes an ingredient story that is easy to understand and personal to each user. For example, we have a Chapter made of Pink Himalayan salt scrub with mango and pineapple extract. We call it Chasing Monsoons it has an almost imperceptible natural scent but it’s also extremely effective and your skin feels cleansed, deeply nourished and incredibly smooth. Just as you would expect of dry land after a tropical rainstorm and there is a story in there somewhere…





by Venetia

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