If you are seeking treasures sourced from the far reaches of the globe, the Melet Mercantile boutique tucked away in Montauk’s Crows Nest might just be one of the last places to satisfy


Once upon a time, a travelling friend just bringing back a gift in the form of a packet of Tim Tams from Australia was a thrill. But now you can buy them on Amazon. With the increasing retail reach that the Internet has given us, the idea of the treasured travel trinket has become a rare joy.







For New Yorkers, the one antidote to this has for some time, been the Melet Mercantile showroom in the Heart of Tribeca. The store represents its owner Bob Melet’s life’s work as a traveler and collector of vintage and antiques. A fourth generation vendor of fashion, Melet Mercantile was founded in 2003 as a place where creatives could find rarities from jungles and cities far away in a private environment.


However what many still may not have discovered, is that Bob Melet has also created a boutique space within Montauk’s Crows Nest; a much loved local hotel and restaurant overlooking Montauk Harbour, which is infamous for its summer bonfires.





Geared towards the feelings of summer, the quirky outpost is a constant rotation of men's, women's and children’s beachwear, as well as a host of Montauk appropriate books, photography and art; not to mention an inspiration and a special place within the creative community that thrives behind the Montauk Summer parties!


The Melet Mercantile Boutique within the Crows Nest Hotel is open to the public from May through September daily from 9am -11pm.




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