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Back when quills spread ink, writers have inspired awe and intrigue. They wrote in the face of exile, scandal, discrimination, anonymity, incredible popularity and fame.


They made creative claims over spectacular landscapes, from Big Sur to African deserts and Yorkshire moors. Others bore derelict rooms in Hotel Chelsea, or stints down and out in Paris and London.


They created cliques, as rivals and out of an appreciation of the need to inspire each other. From the First Hungarian Literary Society to the Bloomsbury Group, which included Virginia Woolf and E.M. Forester; the only intellectual group of the time to support gay rights, women in the arts, pacifism, open marriages, uninhibited sexuality and other unconventional ideas. There were the Beat Poets, including Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg among others; who used hallucinogenic drugs to achieve higher consciousness, as was meditation and Eastern religion.







However in the age of digital publishing, some of that magic has faded. Artists are often working two jobs to get by with little time for frolicking, fast-paced digital content rarely allows them to delve deep enough to move minds, and the objectivity of stories is lost as content marketing becomes the backbone of so many publications.


So one writer based in London, our patron Jessica Burdon, sought to bring back some of the magic to the world of words.


She created the Estoria Club, an invite only secret society of writers who are pushing boundaries in the age of digital publication. They are creating startups that challenge the way we read, they are charismatic enough to find stories that have never been told, and they still believe that a powerful story comes from authenticity and deliberation over words.






The Estoria Club hosts events in London, New York and Sydney; to inspire and build solidarity. They are soirees, conversation dinners and themed nights that bring together writers of different mediums and genres.


“Great things have come from the events,” Jessica says; “in this age we can be more connected than ever before, we can make more change than ever before, but it takes a community; we can’t do it alone.”


To celebrate the ONDA launch, Patrons have an exclusive opportunity to be considered for membership of the Estoria Club. Contact us here to put yourself forward.


by Onda Admin

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