ONDA seeks to mitigate the on and offline connection to create opportunities for human interaction. We believe in the value of relationships and the strength we possess as a community for the collective betterment of each other. Through shared experiences and wisdom we stimulate interests around wellbeing, establishing channels of knowledge and inspiration.


  • A spirit of inclusion, trust, and connection.
  • Mission driven
  • The collective strive for the betterment of humanity
  • Commitment to a life with purpose
  • Inspired by the power of the collective
  • Supportive of each other’s missions



Luca Del Bono is at the forefront of today’s global lifestyle revolution, ushering in a new era of conscious travel by expanding the ways people connect to each other and their environments. Luca has an extensive hospitality background which further refined his gift for style and passion for meaningful experiences. Previously as co-founder of lifestyle group Quintessentially, Luca headed the business development internationally, which led him to build a number of hospitality ventures, more recently launching the South Kensington Club in London and La Macchia in Tuscany. The magic ingredient in all his endeavors has been his passion for basic values, Luca has been able to create unforgettable experiences for those around him while driving positive social impact. Lately he has received recognition from the Minister of Environment with a Medal of Merit for his outstanding sustainable work and the highest ranking knighthood from the President of Italy as ‘Cavaliere’ della Repubblica OMRI.