Restoration: Co-working in a French Chateau


What if you could work alongside a community of creatives, amid vineyards near Burgundy; all while being a part of restoring of 19th Century Chateau?

It begun when Jessica de la Chesnais set hear heart on leaving her home in London to restore a Chateau that had been in her family for many generations, but had lain abandoned for 30 years. In true start-up fashion, her and her newly recruited co-founders pitched some tents and invited their friends to a Chateau warming party.

It was the summer of 2107, and an eager group of twenty and thirty somethings arrived with open minds and bohemian spirits. They were artists, festival organisers, digestive nutritionalists, life coaches, writers, entrepreneurs, and everything in between.

They found over six-hundred acres of land and 90,000 square-feet of buildings that ranged from rustic to dilapidated  – it was a blank canvas the size of Monaco with twice the indoor floorspace of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. The overgrown vines on the chateau’s walls, the chipped paint and crumbling staircases had vast potential, with a hint of danger.

They danced around bonfires, held silent discos in the empty halls of the chateau, dined al fresco in complete silence to consider new types of intimacy, inspired each other with talks and workshops wrapped in rugs in an old library. They walked across the fields to retrieve armfuls of wine-bottles from the vineyards, and cooked pizza in a stone oven that was as old at the Chateau itself. But most importantly, they started a community that weekend.  

And those bonds have been developing ever since, alongside the Chateau, which has shown it can be many things to so many people. For some, a rustic workspace in rural France to think, meditate or write. To others, an opportunity to get paint under their nails, to learn to grow food, or forage in forests. The Chateau has also hosted yoga retreats and hackathons.

And now, as the leaves turn and the Chateau’s residents are tidying up from the abidance of summer, they are hosting one last event before the temperature drops; on Saturday the 10th November.

The day and night will be hosted by the Corcovado network as part of the Swirl Tour, a series of intimate micro-festivals sharing natural on/off-grid environments. There will be book launches in the library, live  music performances in the old chapel, and intriguing makers workshops.

Buy tickets here. Or to host a retreat, create, or grow your project within the walls of Chateau de La Salle, contact the team.

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